Console Tables

This project has been developed in collaboration with Contraste, a high-end design furniture store based in Aix en Provence (France). We considered to create a product adapted to the shop’s costumers. After the meeting with the supervisor, we decided to realize a console table. 

After a few researches, I propose them these ideas :

Console tables “Stilts”

The effect of disposing the legs like stilts in an asymmetric way induce a change of perception when you turn around the console table.

console pilotis1 console pilotis1.194 console pilotis3.201 console pilotis2.199

Dim. 100 x 90 x 30 cm

Console tables “Rakno”

The straight thin legs of those console tables make them elegant and discreet. The model with one table top  was retained by the shop.

 console rakno1console rakno1.204 console rakno3console rakno 3.1

By following this link, you can see the three versions of Rakno I  have done.

Dim.  100 x 90 x 30 cm